“Axonal neuropathy”

It’s rare .It’s real. It’s relentless.

So say all the medical experts. But to Nathan Tessman (MC WHEELS) these are mere words.

But words and music are the vehicle of Nathans strength, the gateway to his soul, and the

expression of his unconquerable heart.

Experience the passion, the rush, the exhilaration of “Magic Of Life”; an unfolding real time

journey into the heroic and extraordinary life, music, and world of teenage Hip Hop Phenomenon,

MC Wheels.


Share the Magic of Life with everyone you deeply love and care about.

Experience the miracle through Nathans eyes……..and prepare to believe in humanity once more!

Be amazed. Be inspired. Be entertained.

But above all else, see again, the magic of Life that dwells in us all.

Choose it, unleash it, feel it, live it!